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Custom Music

Exclusive Compositions tailored to your project

Today, there are more reasons to request a custom music composition than ever.  Here at ContiMusic we compose, arrange and professionally master music precisely tailored to the customers needs.   Whether it is used for a Hollywood movie, spa, wellness-center, massage studio, theme park, luxury hotel, video game or for a product that you wish to introduce with style, our compositions are world class, while still being affordable.   Each custom order is unique and comes with a full license, which allows you to exclusively use the compositions as you see fit.   We cover many genres, for any need and also provide soundtrack composition services.

Why you should have custom made music compositions

We here at Contimusic believe in the power of quality music.  We strive to make the best music possible regardless of the budget.  Music is an art by itself.  Where would Hollywood be if there were no musical scores to set the scenes?  Would a spa be as relaxing if it was entirely silent?  We need music; it is on the radio, it is used in commercials, tv shows, movies, elevators, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, banks, and even played to us on the phone while we hold.  Many people and companies are using royalty-free music, especially when it comes to a low-budget.  We believe we make the best royalty-free music on the market but, royalty-free music does not have the same impact as a custom composition that is tailored to your project.  Musical branding has long been a tradition in movies, tv shows and commercials.  Everyone knows the themes from 007, the Mission Impossible films and Forrest Gump, just as everyone can sing you the song from Cheers or Friends.  If you want to help your business make its mark on the world, help it along with a ContiMusic musical brand.

How to get started

Please contact us with a brief outline of your needs and ideas and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  We usually reply to every inquiry within 8 hours.  Please include information such as the length of the music, the use of the music and any other information (such as a website) that we can use as a reference.

Contact / Custom Music Enquiry

Please contact us at and specify the details of your project. We will get back to you as soon as possible.