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ETMT Relaxing Music Suite

What is ETMT™ ?

Music is amazing, it has various purposes and has been around since the beginning of time. Have you ever felt connected to music? Have you ever felt that music changed how you felt or thought? It is exactly that idea, that led us to the groundbreaking work of ETMT™ Emotion Transitional Music Therapy.

ETMT™ is based upon the fact that we have physical and emotional reactions to certain musical progressions and patterns. ETMT™ takes emotionally stirring, modern classical music and ambient music to new heights by incorporating a variety of music therapy techniques such as; binaural stimulation, bilateral stimulation, isochronic tones and brainwave entrainment among other techniques which find their root in our very own studio. Each music therapy technique is bound into the music itself to give you its effects on every track precisely when needed.

Relaxation & Emotion Transition Through ETMT™

One of the great benefits of ETMT™ is that it can help you get through emotional turmoil and relax. If you tend to be depressed, anxious, hopeless, or angry, listening to ETMT™ will help you transition into a more positive emotional state while gradually calming your body and mind.

This can be extremely beneficial for those who have difficulties sleeping. It helps to reduce anxiety, lifts the mood when you are depressed and it helps to establish a healthy, balanced bodymind. ETMT™ is a natural way to manage symptoms from mental conditions, such as PTSD and ADHD as well as other mental disorders. Studies have proven that regular classical music is a highly effective treatment for insomnia, so you can imagine how much more effective ETMT™ if used within these realms.

Mood Stabilization/Improvement

There is a wide variety of mental disorders that can cause mood imbalances. To help reduce bouts of negative moods, we recommend to listening to ETMT™ daily. By helping to transition you out of negative feelings; you can stabilize your mood, calm your mind, and learn to be more in control of your reactions and feelings throughout your day.

Through listening to ETMT™, many people will be able to immediately notice a change within their mindset. This is because, unlike many alternative treatment methods, ETMT™ is actually based upon scientific studies involving music. Stimulation of the brain through music and sound is based on factual science, and as a natural aid it has been proven to be effective. Music Therapy is a regular subject of study and discussion in many institutions and psychological circles.

Stress Reduction and ETMT™

Most people today are living with stress on a daily basis. Stress in the mind causes stress on the body and is very unhealthy if it is not kept in check. ETMT™ is an effective way to lower stress in both mind and body.

Our Relaxing Music Suite album is Relaxing Music with a classical influence – Ambience & Piano Suite with subtle Brainwave and Bilateral Movement

Relaxing Music ETMT Contimusic

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