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All of the music on our website is personally composed by us.  No exceptions.  When you purchase our music, you do not need to worry about any copyright infringements or other legal issues that tend to arise when using music from some of our competitors.  Below you will find a copy of our Royalty Free Music License which you obtain when legally downloading our music.


This license agreement (hereafter referred to as the “AGREEMENT”) is made between the purchaser  (hereafter referred to as the “LICENSEE”) and the copyright owner(s) Tom Conti & Christine Conti, d/b/a of, Via Forno Vecchio 19, Formigine (MO), Italy, (hereafter referred to as the “LICENSOR”), in regards to the royalty free musical composition, which has been electronically transmitted to the LICENSEE, with this Agreement, (hereafter referred to as “THE WORK or Royalty Free track(s)”) on the date of purchase and receipt of this Agreement with the music file.


LICENSOR guarantees that it owns and controls the rights represented herein with respect to the recording and the musical composition in THE WORK and has transferred THE WORK to the LICENSEE electronically with this Agreement.  All use rights for THE WORK are transferred to the LICENSEE upon his/her receipt of the Royalty Free Music License Agreement.  The LICENSEE agrees that the Royalty Free track(s) are for his/her use only and not to be sold as stand alone music files anywhere in the world in any form, i.e. CD/DVD/Digital Media etc. and further agrees that said Royalty Free track(s) are still Copyright Owned Works of the LICENSOR in perpetuity.  LICENSOR agrees that it has received payment for its services.  In the event that the LICENSEE has received a free, Royalty Free music track, the LICENSEE agrees to give proper composer credit to the LICENSOR either within the actual product/project or on the webpage where the project/product appears on the internet with this line:  Royalty Free music by   Agreement will become NULL AND VOID; if it is found that the LICENSEE is selling or has sold, given away or redistributed any of the music obtained on this website as a stand alone product.  LICENSEE shall indemnify and hold the LICENSOR harmless from any and all claims, liabilities and costs, losses, damages or expenses (including attorney’s fees) arising out of any breach, allegation, claim or failure on the part of the LICENSEE to comply with this agreement.


The mechanical, synchronization, and rights granted to the LICENSEE within the AGREEMENT include (1) right to re-record, duplicate and release THE WORK as part of a production in whatever medium(s) necessary including, but not limited to, video tape, film, video game, digital application, CD-ROM, DVD. If the music is used in software such as a video game application or other software product, the music will be “embedded” with the intention that the end user of the software or video game is unable to extract or use the music on its own; (2) right to use the music as a soundtrack “synced” with visual images as part of a production; and (3) right to use the music as part of the public viewing or broadcast of a production (including but not limited to TV shows, videos, DVDs, Web Sites, podcasts, multimedia presentations, and films). The LICENSOR grants LICENSEE an exclusive perpetual license to use THE WORK herein.


The rights granted to the LICENSEE do not permit the LICENSEE to (1) claim copyright authorship of the music represented under this AGREEMENT; (2) transfer, share or sub-lease this license agreement with any other party; (3) copy or duplicate THE WORK except for use in the LICENSEE’S productions; (4) permit any other individual or third party the right to use THE WORK in place of the LICENSEE; (5) resell, trade, or exploit for profit THE WORK contained herein outright or as part of other music and/or audio-related collections, in part or in whole, to any other individual or party (although the music can be sold as part of the production, which is a clear and distinct product from

THE WORK itself.


The territory of this Agreement is world wide.


The LICENSEE is not required to; but able to, credit THE WORK to the composer, publisher, or LICENSOR in the LICENSEE’s productions in liner notes, rolling credits, verbal acknowledgment, etc.


The term of the Agreement are effective on the date of purchase and/or free download and upon receipt of this Electronic Royalty Free License Agreement .  LICENSOR agrees that the electronic signature on this electronic document is as binding as a real signature on a piece of paper.  Electronic signature is considered completed and understood by both parties upon purchase of THE WORK and receipt of this Agreement by the LICENSEE.


The LICENSEE agrees to pay the LICENSOR a one-time fee for THE WORK or upon agreement, receive THE WORK for free and credit the composers with “Royalty Free music by“. The LICENSEE will not owe any future additional royalties or fees to the LICENSOR for future use of THE WORK within the terms of this AGREEMENT.


Licensor Electronic Signature

Tom Conti & Christine Conti



Contimusic Royalty Free Music

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